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24 years old
Dubuque, Iowa
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Hey! My name is Kujo! x3

I love to meet new people, ESPECIALLY new furs and just have a good time!

Man.. what to say, haha! Well, as i said my name is Kujo, and my species is that of a folf! What’s a folf you ask? Well its simply nothing other then a mix between two of the most common things in the fandom, a fox and wolf! xD My character however, tends to lean more on the fox side as far as size and anatomy goes though.

One thing you might have also noticed is that my character's eyes are a bit unnatural in shape. This is because i have Cat Eye Syndrome. A WONDERFUL (sarcasm) defect on chromosome #22 that in short, does a multitude of things to me, such as giving me severe hearing loss in my right ear, as well as giving me heart defects when i was born. Luckily though, my heart is all fixed up now so HOPEFULLY no more worries about that stuff. But as the name of the syndrome states, Cat Eye Syndrome makes my real life eyes look...well, like cat eyes! Yes, i said that. My real life eyes resemble the eyes of a cat!...Well.. kinda. More like keyholes really. BUT ANYWAY, feel free to ask me more on that subject if you want, because I'm going to move on to far more interesting things. :3

As far as interests go, I have A LOT. First, and probably most note worthy, is I’m an artist. Whether I’m considered a professional at it or not is up for debate. My style typically tends to fall between realistic and cartoonish. Drawing everything to the super toony My Little Pony characters, to full on realistic portraits of real people. And yes, I’m a brony as well.

*BROHOOF!* ^3^/)

Lol, anyway. Some other things i enjoy in my free time is video games. I have always been a Nintendo fanboy at heart, but i occasionally go out of my Mario "?" block and try some PS3, etc.

Some game series I specifically adore are: Space Invaders, Mario series, Super Smash Bros. series, Mario Kart series, F-Zero series, Pikmin 3, Sonic & Sega Allstars Racing Transformed, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, War of The Monsters, Tetris, Dig Dug, Excitebike, Punch-Out!!, Piccross 3d, Nintendo Land, Disney Infinity, Wii Sports Resort, Tetrisphere, Game & Watch series, Wario Ware series, Yoshi's Story, SPORE, SecondLife, Minecraft and others I don’t feel like, or cant think of atm o3o

Phwew. That was a lot. To make things shorter for listing my music interest, I'll just list some artists that I enjoy: Michael Jackson, Dead Mau5, Daft Punk, PSY, Steam Powered Giraffe, video game music, ERB, Studio Killers, Lapfox, Crazy Frog, Brentalfloss, Froggy Fresh (aka Krispy Cream) then a lot of obscure shit o3o

Uhmmm...what else... Uhh, I’ll just list stuff i love and hate now i guess~

Some of my other interests are: Fursuiting, spending time with animals, spending time with friends, convention going, enjoying nature, cosplaying, drawing, listening to music, video games, peace, not fighting, making friends, talking, other stufff~

things i despise~

war, hate, haters, roooode people, ESPCECIALLY when they lack any reason to be, drama, being alone for long periods of time, depression, killing of any living creature big or small, being bored, gore, sad stuff, uhh...IDK xD

Oh~ And i guess i should mention that I am indeed STRAIGHT. Yeah. i know, a striaght furry, yet alone a folf. I'm a rare speices. I know this. ;3; 

Butt yuh. das meh I guess ; u;

Hit me up some time, I don't bite :3

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